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Angry Birds Games Online


Angry Birds - flash game Angry Birds
Exciting and funny Angry Birds free online game of Chinese development, starring Birds, who hate pigs in various styles. You have to shoot birds that are ready to sacrifice everything for the sake of destroying enemies.
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Angry Birds Rio - flash game Angry Birds Rio
Angry Birds is a very popular arcade game, which came on a PC with the iPhone and Android. For a short time after its release it has gathered an army of a million players. As for the game you play for the birds, which must be run from a slingshot and kill green pigs or split cells from birds to save them.
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Angry Birds Rio 2 - flash game Angry Birds Rio 2
For some reason, the Angry Birds from Rio 2 woke up today in a mischievous mood and they terribly want to mess and harm someone, just here their distant brethren. These birds just wage an old war with grunting Bad Piggies. And you will be able to participate in a strange confrontation. Play Angry Birds Rio 2 game online at Mamumba for free!
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Angry Birds Space - flash game Angry Birds Space
The world has gone mad! Angry Birds in Space Online Game - an epic adventure of birds, which continues in the modern world! Your task - to defeat the space pigs who live in their own fascinating world of food.
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Bad Piggies - flash game Bad Piggies
Adaptation of the Bad Piggies game with the Android on Flash. You need to build different structures, in which the piggies must reach the finish line. After passing through game levels, new types of mechanisms and details will open up. Have fun!
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Batman Bird - flash game Batman Bird
Collect these online puzzles on the picture which depicts a Batman Black Bird. This character nicknamed Bomb one of the heroes of the popular game Angry Birds. Try it, it’s so exciting!
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Birdo - flash game Birdo
In birdo the player has to control the bird and collect all breads while he/she has to avoid everything else.
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Birdy - flash game Birdy
Better than the now famous Fishy flash game.
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Independence Flight - flash game Independence Flight
The aim of the game is to free the trapped birds from the cages.
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