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Super Mario Games Online


Flash Mario Bros. - flash game Flash Mario Bros.
Super Mario nintendo game with the option to play as either Mario or Luigi.
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Hardest Mario - flash game Hardest Mario
The Hardest Mario. Key mapping: Left, Right, Up, Down.
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Luigi’s Revenge Interactive - flash game Luigi’s Revenge Interactive
Play as Luigi in the Super Mario type game, pick up coins and mushrooms, jump on goombas, defeat koopa troopas and bosses.
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Make Mario Up - flash game Make Mario Up
Dress up Mario. Change him into Luigi-style clothing and other funky polka dot striped clothes.
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Mario - Jungle Adventure - flash game Mario - Jungle Adventure
Another adventures of popular plumber Mario, who decided this time to go into the jungle. In this game, new kinds of monsters, which were not in other versions of the game, and bananas and other exotic fruits carry out here the role of coins.
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Mario - Luigi’s Revenge - flash game Mario - Luigi’s Revenge
After the recent defeat in the world of monsters Luigi decided to avenge his brother Mario. In this online game had an unlimited number of lives, but not much rejoice as through the game will still not be easy. Beware of bosses who will wait at the end of each level.
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Mario 2 - flash game Mario 2
Another arcade classic, this time its Mario 2.
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Mario Brother - flash game Mario Brother
Super Mario type game run through caves and caverns avoid koopa troopas and goombas.
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Mario Castle Shoot - flash game Mario Castle Shoot
Defend your castle by buying weapons and shooting anything in sight.
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Mario Kart Underground - flash game Mario Kart Underground
A parody of the popular Mario Kart and Need For Speed games. Watch Mario and Luigi race against the clock.
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Mario Minigame - flash game Mario Minigame
Jump around the platforms as Mario, pick up the coins and avoid the koopa troopas.
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Mario Ride - flash game Mario Ride
Our beloved hero Mario a long run on platforms and collecting coins. Accumulated enough coins on a motorcycle on which Mario and went for a walk.
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Mario Star Catcher 2 - flash game Mario Star Catcher 2
Help Mario catch all the stars you can.
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Mario Video Poker - flash game Mario Video Poker
Wager a bet from 5 dollars to one thousand. Deal out the cards, select which to keep, and (hopefully) win big bucks.
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Mario: Ice Skating - flash game Mario: Ice Skating
Finally, the long-awaited winter, the New Year and Christmas holidays, as well as - the winter holidays! Mario decided to not miss this chance and started riding through the hills on a snowboard.
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Mario: Jungle Escape - flash game Mario: Jungle Escape
Can you escape the jungle?
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Mashi Mario - flash game Mashi Mario
Move Mario through the course without being injured.
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Napoleon Toadamite - flash game Napoleon Toadamite
Mario and Toad study in a school, where Mario decides to contest in the election for the class president.
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Rise Of Mushroom Kingdom 4 - flash game Rise Of Mushroom Kingdom 4
The final part of the thrilling series! Can Mario get his revenge against Wart?
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Super Flash Mario Bros. - flash game Super Flash Mario Bros.
A flash remake of the original Super Mario Bros.
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Super Mario - Boat Bonanza! - flash game Super Mario - Boat Bonanza!
Control Mario and his boat. Collect coins and green mushrooms. Watch out for the enemies like the piranhas, skeleton birds and bomb balloons.
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Super Mario Flash 2 - flash game Super Mario Flash 2
Guide Mario through the mushroom kingdom yet again.
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Super Mario Flash HV - flash game Super Mario Flash HV
Run around as Mario jump on goombas, kick shells and pick up coins to increase high score.
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Super Mario Flash v2 - flash game Super Mario Flash v2
Run through the level as Mario, jump on koompas, avoid koopa troopas and collect coins.
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