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3D Hockey - flash game 3D Hockey
Like to play hockey? Try to punch the opponent in this 3D hockey game! You have to throw a stick to make a mark in the final half.
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3d Motorcycle Racing Deluxe - flash game 3d Motorcycle Racing Deluxe
3D Motorcycle Racing Game. Race again 3 opponents. Complete 3 laps to get a chance to enter your name in best time scores table. To unlock new tracks you must be the first on finish line or click on UNLOCK link.
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3D Tanks - flash game 3D Tanks
Take part in a tank battle, and even in a 3D! So, you run a heavy tank and your task is to attack the enemy, which is on the opposite bank of the river. Hide behind trees, shoot all weapons, forces the river over the bridge and try not to knock out your tank.
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3D Worm - flash game 3D Worm
A 3D version similar to the game Snake.
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Air Hockey 3D. World Travel - flash game Air Hockey 3D. World Travel
Play Air Hockey 3D all over the world in experimental and classic mode with spectacular graphics and realistic physics. There are 3 game modes: VS Mode for practice; World Mode to play with classic rules and travel the world; Arcade Mode a new way to play. Get all the achievements and find the secret characters.
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Formula Racer - flash game Formula Racer
Exciting Flash Formula 1 3d racing game!
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Just Shut Up and Drive - flash game Just Shut Up and Drive
Drive as fast as you can and beat your rivals in this unique Outrun like 3d racing game! Finish the race before your time runs out in 10 different tracks! Gain extra points by overtaking other cars from a close distance or keeping a hi-speed for a long time!
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London 2012 Olympic Games - flash game London 2012 Olympic Games
Take part in the Summer Olympic Games, which were held in London in 2012. Choose the country for which you will perform, athlete, sport, level of difficulty and forth to victory!
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Pub Darts 3D - flash game Pub Darts 3D
Darts Challenges Online Game including Around The Clock, Beat The Master and the 21-Dart Challenge. Plus win over 30 medals for top scores, 180s, 9-dart legs and other special achievements. The computer darts players are intelligent and vary in difficulty, only the best players will be able to Beat The Master in the hardest 501 darts challenge. Enjoy!
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Quake - flash game Quake
You liked the flash port of Doom? Well, here comes another 3D ego shooter you might want to play: The Quake Flash Game!
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Robots and Aliens - flash game Robots and Aliens
Shoot the Robots before they destroy the Alien’s reactor core - fast-paced gameplay in real-time 3D!
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Ski Run - flash game Ski Run
Nine tracks of downhill skiing. A fast 3D skiing game. Mouse or keyboard control.
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Sky Kings - flash game Sky Kings
Play a new game with 3D graphics using Flash 11 and Away3D. This time it’s a time trial airplane game in wich you have to complete each circuit in the established time.
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Swerve! - flash game Swerve!
Swerve! is a 3D retro racing style game. Race to collect cash, gems, hidden power ups and special bonuses over various courses. Complete each track within a specific time limit by avoiding obstacles that lies on each one. Lots of accessories and upgrades available in the game.
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Well, wait 3 - flash game Well, wait 3
Try to collect these amazing 3D puzzles, which are created based on a new game for mobile phones Well, wait 3! At this time, our cartoon heroes went to exotic countries, where of course also have chickens laying eggs. The wolf tries to catch the falling eggs and rabbit, as usual, is dying of laughter.
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