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Barbie - Let’s Make Music - flash game Barbie - Let’s Make Music
Barbie dolls have appeared in a small range of the piano an octave, and she decided to write and record his first song. Help her in this exciting session! You can also send the received ringtone to your friends or play a melody already proposed.
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China’s Mambo Number 5 - flash game China’s Mambo Number 5
Cool version of the famous song by Lou Bega Chinese motive.
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Concerto Memory - flash game Concerto Memory
Find the same passage from the famous works of classical music.
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Disgusting Hollywood - flash game Disgusting Hollywood
Disgusting Hollywood - by Stone Widow is a Glip: it is a game and it is a musical clip. Over a music by the stoner-rock band Stone Widow, play as an old-fashioned rocker and break your way through streets of Hollywood. Alcohol is bad for health!
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DJ Game - flash game DJ Game
Remember and repeat what he’s doing a DJ - copy it of the action!
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DNB-X005 DJ Sampler - flash game DNB-X005 DJ Sampler
In the music DJ sampler a lot of different buttons, clicking on which you can receive a variety of sounds.
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Drum it. - flash game Drum it.
Drum it. is a flash drum pad. Experiment with different combinations and sequences to create your own beat.
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Game Pops Sega Generation Version - flash game Game Pops Sega Generation Version
A Video Game music quiz. Listen to the music and tell me the name of the games!
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Guitar Jam - flash game Guitar Jam
Addictive music skill game, all about guitarists having a jam session.
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GummyBear - CHO KA KA O - flash game GummyBear - CHO KA KA O
Lilt Gummy Bear on behalf of which went on vacation to exotic islands.
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GummyBear - Christmas Song - flash game GummyBear - Christmas Song
Merry Christmas from your pal GummyBear, everyone’s favorite dancing and singing green Gummy Bear.
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Las Ketchup (karaoke) - flash game Las Ketchup (karaoke)
Funny and happy song The Ketchup Song with words (karaoke) for all ages.
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Limp Bizkit feat. Eskimo - flash game Limp Bizkit feat. Eskimo
Funny parody of the popular song Limp Bizkit played by the Inuit, the indigenous people inhabiting the territory of the eastern edge of Chukotka.
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Madonna - Music - flash game Madonna - Music
Animated flash version of the famous all over the song by Madonna.
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Mission to Magmanon - flash game Mission to Magmanon
An exciting flash game for children and adults, which is used to study, monitor and consolidate the knowledge of musical notation. In order to shoot down approaching the notes, you must click the correct note on the piano keyboard, with its proper length.
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Music Match - flash game Music Match
Itís a memory based game where you have to remember the positions of the previously played sounds. The board consists of many cards/speakers. Each card has a sound which is played when you click it.
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Piano Animal - flash game Piano Animal
Make different beats using the animal sounds on a piano.
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Piano Pooch - flash game Piano Pooch
Piano Pooch jumps on the piano. I don’t know if the piano is huge or if he’s really small. Regardless, he plays a tune, and expects you to play it back for him.
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Piano Tutor - flash game Piano Tutor
Learn music. Piano Tutor is a game aimed at spreading the love of music to a wide audience. I hope you can learn from this, whether you are a music genius or have never played an instrument. Enjoy!
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Punk-O-Matic - flash game Punk-O-Matic
Select drum beats bass and electric guitar beats and make your own punk music.
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Robo Hip-Hop - flash game Robo Hip-Hop
If we press perfect arrow by observing dancing lights up to the target level , it moves the next level.
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Rock Starter - flash game Rock Starter
Make your own bandin the ultimate music experience.
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Simon Drum Lessons - flash game Simon Drum Lessons
This online game - is a music memory game.
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