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Always laughing girl - flash game Always laughing girl
Cheerful and smiling girl. See and be happy with it.
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Ballad of Big Joe - flash game Ballad of Big Joe
Flash animated cartoon-song about the life of an American Farmer.
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Carrot for the Snowman - flash game Carrot for the Snowman
The kids played, played well and stuck snowman ...
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Caution, a blonde! - flash game Caution, a blonde!
Funny cartoon on a blonde. So stupid, huh?
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Cool Girl - flash game Cool Girl
The cartoon, which tells of a sharp girl who fights crime alone.
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Cow - flash game Cow
Yes, bad luck, a cow with the owner, so let’s see what happens with it ...
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Crazy Frog - We Are The Champions - flash game Crazy Frog - We Are The Champions
Funny parody of the famous song We are the Champions from genius of Queen. This time the cartoon-crazy remix with frog Crazy Frog.
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Evolution - flash game Evolution
That such an unpredictable thing - evolution ... through the eyes of the author.
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Giant Cow - flash game Giant Cow
Funny music animated flash cartoon.
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Happy Tree Friends - flash game Happy Tree Friends
Yes, the blue moose is not a joke played out! See how friendship can turn into the monster.
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Imago Prologue - flash game Imago Prologue
Visual novel which will dip you into the severe and gloomy world of the city of Imago.
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Lazy Panda - flash game Lazy Panda
Cartoon about a lazy Panda. It lies at the TV and eating apples ... But that’s a pity there is no control on hand - it lies at the TV! What can we do? ... Who is it like?
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Old Farts - flash game Old Farts
Grandfather and grandmother were sitting at the TV, well, grandfather decided to order a new phenomenon called cyber sex, but what it is and how to use it did not look ...
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Seduction of Adam - flash game Seduction of Adam
Adam and Eve in paradise. She so wanted to seduce him...
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Shrek - flash game Shrek
Funny flash parody Shrek cartoon.
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The Bandits - flash game The Bandits
Funny cartoons about three hapless bandits who escaped from prison and decided to rob a local Indian tribe.
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True Russia - flash game True Russia
This is a story about two Russian comrades living in Russia.
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