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Fishing Games Online


Catch Fish - flash game Catch Fish
A new free online catch fishing game. Control characters by moving the mouse, click the left mouse button to catch fish.
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Feed Mo - flash game Feed Mo
Mo is hungry from a hard days work so help feed him up in this fun fishing game.
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Fish And Serve - flash game Fish And Serve
Fish and Serve is back! Now with Bigger and more Fish and new play style! Try to catch 25 Trouts of all types in 3 minutes without catching any bullheads! Can you do it? Each catch wins you snacks you consume for points!
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Fish Catcher - flash game Fish Catcher
Fish Catcher is a simple flash game. Help the penguin to catch the fish from the river and put it in to the bottle.
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Fisher Kid - flash game Fisher Kid
The player needs to target the fishes in the see and attack those fishes throwing arrows towards them. If you kill big fishes you will get a high score. So you have 30 arrows to kill the fishes and on 2 minutes. Become a fisher kid and kill as many fishes as possible.
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Fishing - flash game Fishing
Online fishing game.
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Fishing Minnesota - flash game Fishing Minnesota
Visit Leech Lake in Minnesota where you’ll fish using real motions with your mouse. Cast with a flick of the mouse; hold the button and reel one in!
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Fishing Season - flash game Fishing Season
Try to catch more fish and get more points.
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Fishing the Sea - flash game Fishing the Sea
Lure fish to your baited hook and bring them in slowly to catch them.
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Fishing Time 2 - flash game Fishing Time 2
A new fun fishing game. You’re in your boat trying to catch the fish, score enough points (before time runs out) to complete the level. Enjoy this fishing game and show your fishing skills.
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Gold Fishing - flash game Gold Fishing
Go get’em hook, line and sinker... and not a single fish to be seen anywhere! But who needs fish when there’s this much gold to be struck! Wait for the perfect moment, hold your breath, time your shot, release your anchor and reel in the prize! Huge chunks of lovely gold are up for grabs here, but make sure you pick your nuggets wisely and keep an eye on the clock.
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Hook, Line & Sinker - flash game Hook, Line & Sinker
Help the fisherman catch the same species of fishes with his hook to gain points.
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Just Fishing - flash game Just Fishing
Try to fish as many good fish as you can in the least time possible.
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La Pescuit - flash game La Pescuit
Move your boat around and pick the fish in the lake.
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Lake Fishing 2 - flash game Lake Fishing 2
Realistic online fishing on Mountain Lake. Relax and enjoy of a successful fishing.
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Off-Shore Fishing - flash game Off-Shore Fishing
Catch as many fishes as possible within 2 minutes. Press the left and right arrow keys to move the boat around. Press the down arrow key to drop the hook. Release the down arrow key to raise the hook.
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Shoot Salmon - flash game Shoot Salmon
Walk around the dock as a fish hunter and catch salmon with your spear harpoon.
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Shooting Fish - flash game Shooting Fish
Instead of casting a pole, harpoon your fish to get the highest score.
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Squirrel Fishing - flash game Squirrel Fishing
This is a cute squirrel game fishing line by clicking the mouse down, out of scores of different fish. This game will bring you fun and pleasure.
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