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Brave Pedestrians - flash game Brave Pedestrians
Help pedestrians to cross the street.
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Bunny’s Revenge - flash game Bunny’s Revenge
Bunny’s Revenge is another simple flash game.
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Bunnys Adventure Trip - flash game Bunnys Adventure Trip
Move bunny to enjoy his trip by eating his favorite food and avoiding his enemies.
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Camp Runamuck - flash game Camp Runamuck
Complete the challenges in as little time as possible.
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Caravan - flash game Caravan
Do you think you can easily park a caravan? Think again and try to do it in the shortest time!
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Castle Break - flash game Castle Break
You were kidnapped by terrorists and brought to a castle far away from the civilization. The terrorists force you to construct a nuclear bomb for their next big attack. Your job is to escape the castle.
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Castlevania - flash game Castlevania
Walk around aimlessly through a demon infested world and kill them with your chain!
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Chasm - flash game Chasm
Help Joe save the town by navigating the chasm and reconnecting the water supply.
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Chicago. Sneaky’s Road Trip - flash game Chicago. Sneaky’s Road Trip
Sneaky is going across country, this time he is in Chicago. There are several hidden items that need to be found. Use your magnifying glass to take a closer look!
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Clock Legends - flash game Clock Legends
Run around as Strawberry clock power up your kamehameha energy and jump over dangers.
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Crazy Immortal Holy Grail - flash game Crazy Immortal Holy Grail
Your target is to collect the grails scattered in the underground world. When all grails are collected, you have access to next mission. During the collection, please take special careful to bats, death, etc, and be careful not to be crushed by chest. Try to use chest to block or kill enemies. Use the arrow key to control!
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Crow in Hell 3 - flash game Crow in Hell 3
The crow is back in hell! This time he has more enemies and intense levels to clear, but he can also grab objects to help him escape the madness!
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Cursed Mystery - flash game Cursed Mystery
You spent a little too much time gambling at a casino in a remote town and got yourself drunk in the process. When you woke up you found yourself abandoned and the door locked behind you. Is this some kind of practical joke or the curse of the casino you heard from the townsfolk? Only way to find out is to escape.
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Daffy’s Studio Adventure - flash game Daffy’s Studio Adventure
Get Daffy Duck through the studio sets using the catwalk. Keep on the path as you move around the skinni walkway. Levels start to get somewhat harder. move - arrow keys. jump - space bar.
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Dead Marshes - flash game Dead Marshes
Guide the young hobbits and their goblin friend through the dangerous waterways of the castle.
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Downhill Adventure - flash game Downhill Adventure
Ski downhill on a sled and avoid hitting objects.
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Drake in Winterland Competition - flash game Drake in Winterland Competition
Drake’s back! Collect crystals and bump off the competition to pass each level of this fiery adventure game. Purchase upgrades in the wizard’s store and earn medals for impressive performances. Feel free to stomp on dragons and bulls, but watch out for armadillos and other spiky obstacles! Take too much damage and you’ll have to start over.
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Dungeon of Pain - flash game Dungeon of Pain
Only slowly the dust settles after your descent into the dungeon. Breathing is difficult, and in your head a hurricane roars. In the distance, the wail of the failure of this dungeon souls can be heard.
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Eggs Terminator 2 - flash game Eggs Terminator 2
Arnold is a bunny in this adventure game.
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Escape From Rhetundo Island - flash game Escape From Rhetundo Island
Help Johnny Tag to escape from the island in this interactive game, from the creators of Hapland.
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Escape the reef - flash game Escape the reef
Help the blue and yelow fish to Escape the Reef!
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Find The Way Home - flash game Find The Way Home
Fun Pipe game variant. Create a path between the starting point and the end point. The faster you play, the more bonus points you get.
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Fox Hunter - flash game Fox Hunter
Ride with your horse on the english countryside hunting the fox. Start running with key RIGTH and jump with key UP. When you start on run fast fox will appear.
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Fred’s Adventure - flash game Fred’s Adventure
Fred has lost the one thing that is most important to him, his bicycle. While playing with it for the first time, a mysterious bully managed to take it from him and left. Your job is to help Fred get it back by working your way through mini-games, puzzles and challenges.
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