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5 Spots - flash game 5 Spots
Find the differences between 2 images. Move your mouse and click on them before the time runs out.
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Alien Bounce - flash game Alien Bounce
Similar to the Yetti games, Catapult your alien and see how far it goes.
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Alien Cave - flash game Alien Cave
How long can you guide your ship for?
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Alvin and the Chipmunks - Alvin’s .. - flash game Alvin and the Chipmunks - Alvin’s ..
Alvin is recording a new song and he needs your help to play his part. Just press the left and right arrow keys to move Alvin’s harmonica over the right notes.
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Bakugan: Training Battle - flash game Bakugan: Training Battle
Battle with your favourite Bakugan characters and Bakugan cards. Pick your brawler and win this online Bakugan battle game.
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Balloon Catcher Game - flash game Balloon Catcher Game
Your task is to catch enough as many balloons as you can. The faster you catch the balloon, the more points you get. Sometimes instead of a balloon, BobiBobi appears. When you click on him, you lose some of your valuable points. Be careful not to run out of time. Good luck!
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Barbie - Thumbelina - flash game Barbie - Thumbelina
At this time, the charming Barbie decided to plant flowers in your garden, and your task - to help her create a beautiful floral arrangement.
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Barbie Wildlife Doctor - flash game Barbie Wildlife Doctor
The famous Barbie doll goes in search of wild animals - baby panda, snow leopard and polar bear, to save them.
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Bat and Mouse 2 - flash game Bat and Mouse 2
Run away from the bat as a mouse pick up the cheese and get the stop timer.
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Bee Yard Story - flash game Bee Yard Story
1. land on the flower. 2. fill the bee. 3. return to hive in step 3 the bee is very heavy (it is not easy to fly then). Collect lifes, don't touch the spiders, and escape from the rain. left, right, down - controlling tap space - fly up.
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Bomby Bomy - flash game Bomby Bomy
Bounce the bombs around and blow the others up.
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Bone Battle - flash game Bone Battle
Candy and Elly are neighbors, but they can’t get along with each other well. They often fight each other and their weapons are bones. One day they start again.
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Brain Workout - flash game Brain Workout
Is your head feeling a little fuzzy? That cup of coffee not doing the trick? Give your brain a workout with this online puzzle game. Slap your chip-eating, couch-lounging, flabby excuse of a brain back into shape with this new game from doof studios! The four mini games will push your brain to the limit. Just follow the in-game instructions to play.
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Bungee Bandit - flash game Bungee Bandit
In this game you bungee jump from a high pole and collect as many coins and do it as quickly as possible.
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Butterfly Paradise - flash game Butterfly Paradise
A very relaxing, positive and addicting game. It features an original gameplay, attractive graphics, nice music and sound effects. Choose the full-featured Free Mode or try to beat any of the 8 challenges. Follow the in-game instructions and enter the world of Butterfly Paradise.
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Candy Man - flash game Candy Man
Get the Candy back from the bad guy.
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Caterpiller Smash - flash game Caterpiller Smash
Smash the caterpillers using the mallet as they pop up from their holes.
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Chick Adventure - flash game Chick Adventure
Guide the little chicks back to their home avoiding all the dangers, before the time runs out!!!
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Chicken Basket - flash game Chicken Basket
Very fun game, see how tall of a chicken ladder you can build and collect the magic stars.
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Christmas 2010 Hunter - flash game Christmas 2010 Hunter
Christmas 2010 photo hunter. Spot 5 differences in each scene of Christmas 2010. The game including 3 scenes.
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Christmas Gift Shop - flash game Christmas Gift Shop
In this game opened a Christmas gift shop called the Christmas gift shop, sales in excess of the amount requested, the remaining cash could be that Christmas gift shop, buy bleach Liang props, carefully arranged something, and let bar early realization of her wishes!
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City of Dreams - flash game City of Dreams
City of Dreams: A children’s game where you have to create a city. You have to create multiple objects, houses, trees, fire, airplanes, clouds, sun, shopping, flowers, buildings.
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Clowns - flash game Clowns
Think being a clown is easy? Try to catapult your clowns and catch the balloons!
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Cowbox - flash game Cowbox
Shoot the boxes and don’t let the sheriff touch the ground.
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