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Island Mini Golf - flash game Island Mini Golf
Let the rest of the castaways search for a way off the island. While they are working, play a round of golf.
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iSurf! - flash game iSurf!
One of our fans made this surfing game to help us forget how hot it is outside. Get Sam back to the beach safely or she’ll pour wet sand down your shorts!
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Japanese Baseball - flash game Japanese Baseball
A nice Japenese baseball game. This is one of the better online baseball clones.
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Jump The Gorge - flash game Jump The Gorge
Do some extreme snow boarding - slide down a hill and jump over ravines and land on targets.
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Keep Ups - flash game Keep Ups
See how long you can keep it in the air.
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Keep Ups 2 - flash game Keep Ups 2
How long can you keep a soccer ball up in the air?
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Kick Off - flash game Kick Off
Aim and position your ball shoot it in the goal then defend your goal from soccer balls.
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Kick Ups - flash game Kick Ups
A much more challenging version of Keep Ups.
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KickUp Football - flash game KickUp Football
Getting it up is easy. Keeping it up is the tricky part. But enough about that... The pastime which has enthralled generations of self-proclaimed football show-offs finally comes to doof. Simply keep the ball off the ground from kick-off and try and rack up as many taps as you can to gain the most points!
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King Ping Pong - flash game King Ping Pong
Table tennis game service the ball hit it with your paddle and score 11 points to win.
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Lawn Bowling - flash game Lawn Bowling
Throw the black bowling ball as close to the jack on the green as possible.
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Ma Balls - flash game Ma Balls
A True Dodgeball Game.
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Mile High Club - flash game Mile High Club
Set your angle and power to hit the golf ball from one platform to another and get on the flag platform.
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Mini Golf - flash game Mini Golf
Aim and hit the ball into a hole in one using the mouse on the minigolf course!
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Mini Pool - flash game Mini Pool
The Aim of the game is to clear the pool table in the shortest time possible. Your mouse to position/aim the cue and left click to hit. Keep an eye on the PINK ball and be careful about potting the white ball as it carries -50 points.
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Mini Pool 2 - flash game Mini Pool 2
The sequel to Mini Pool, a great pool game.
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Mini Putt - flash game Mini Putt
Place your ball on the dark green mat and hit it with a golf club.
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Mini Putt 3 - flash game Mini Putt 3
This is one of the web's most celebrated flash Carpet Golf Games, In simple the whole aim is to putt the golf ball in the fewest hits as possible. Your mouse to aim and left click to hit. It's all about trial and error, you'll never in a million years complete this game successfully in your first turn.
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Mini Racing - flash game Mini Racing
Mini Racing Game. Movement: wasd.
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Mini Soccer - flash game Mini Soccer
Fun soccer game.
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Moto Top - flash game Moto Top
Game de moto, use as setas do teclado para controar a moto.
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Net Blazer - flash game Net Blazer
Score many baskets shoot the basketball into the hoop within limited time.
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Nordic Chill - flash game Nordic Chill
Compete in 4 winter sports events in this challenging game.
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One on One Soccer - flash game One on One Soccer
Try and beat your opponent in soccer by bouncing the ball off the walls/turf into their goal.
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